Octocoin Core 10.3 (v0.10.3.1)

  • Posted on: 4 December 2015
  • By: myfirst

Left for dead, abandoned by it's original developers, and community. Octocoin makes a return with a shiny new Qt wallet based on the latest Litecoin 0.10.x source tree.

It's my pleasure to release Octocoin Core 10.3 (v0.10.3.1).

As always, before updating please make a backup of your `wallet.dat` file. This version should be able to open any wallet.dat files created with the legacy Octocoin client, however once opened the `wallet.dat` file can no longer be opened in the legacy client. Additionally, there is no hard fork. The current block chain is 100% compatible with this new version.

Its recommended (but not mandatory) that everyone update to this version.