Getting Help

Here you'll find some quick fixes and known issues with Octocoin. Additionally, members of the Octocoin community and various online resources are available for assistance. For starters you may want to check out the Resources page.

Quick Fixes and Known Issues

Out of Sync

Or "Octocoin is downloading blocks...".

This could mean you are not connected to any nodes or your wallet is still downloading blocks. Usually solved by waiting a few hours. If you continue to see this message try restarting your client or manually connect to some known nodes. Open the debug window go into the console tab, type in the following command and press enter.

addnode add

After a few minutes your client should start connecting to peers.

In some rare cases (due to Octocoin's fluctuations in difficulty) it's possible that new blocks may not be generated for more than 24 hours. As a result your clients may get stuck on "Octocoin is downloading blocks..." on startup. If your client is stuck in this state you won't be able to use the RPC mining functions and/or your Qt wallet will be stuck on "(out of sync)" even though you actually have the latest block.

To work around it, first make sure you upgrade to Octocoin Core version 10.4, then pass the command line parameter:


Where "n" is the value (in seconds) greater than 24 hours. So you may use something like the following to specify 2 (increase as needed) days:


You can also add that to your configuration file: